Cats and Tulips is the Dutch TICA club, founded in 1998. 
We try to have a cat-show twice a year. If you want to compete at one of our shows, please take a look at our 'show-page' for further details. 

Of course you are more than welcome to join our club! 

You can choose to be a Cats and Tulips (CaT) member, or sign-up for a combined Cats and Tulips/TICA USA membership. If you choose to be a CaT-member only, club charges will be 27,50 euro a year, starting from May 1st until April 30st next year. For a combined CaT/TICA membership charges will be 67,50- euro a year, also from May 1st until April 30st next year.

If you want your kittens to have a CaT-pedigree, your cattery has to be registered within TICA . We can help you with all applications needed. Please contact our officer at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.